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Pre-purchase Building Design Advice

Buying a home? Find out what the Territory Guidelines will allow you to do.

The Problem

When purchasing a home, people often want to make changes to give it their own personal touch. Unfortunately, there are a myriad of rules, regulations and local authority guidelines that make it difficult to know what you can and cant do.

Our Solution

At MJC Design our 19 years experience in the building design industry has given us an intimate knowledge of the guidelines surrounding any changes you may want to make to your property.

We can offer advice to assist you in making the right decision, prior to purchasing your home. This will give you the confidence that you will be able to create the home you desire.

Our Services

On-site advice to what you can and cant do in relation to ACT Single Dwelling Housing Rules.

Site Analysis & Report showing constraints and opportunities available for further development of the proposed site.


Our Expertise Includes:

  • Custom designed new homes and extensions
  • Territory Planning rules & regulations
  • Utilities – sewer, storm water, electrical and easement requirements
  • Tree protection & removal – EPA Guidelines
  • Heritage Guidelines – rules & regulations